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3 Ways You Can Be An Ally To Garment Workers

One of the most widespread false beliefs that consumers have is that they are powerless to aid the people responsible for making their clothes. Many choose to simply stop purchasing from a company that utilizes unfair and/or unsafe employment practices, but there are more proactive ways to see that garment workers around the world are protected by their employers.

1. Make Your Voice Heard

The Digital Age has connected humanity in an unprecedented way, and the internet has allowed for countless opportunities for movements and ideas to gain traction. The #PayUp movement is an excellent example of millions of social media users putting pressure on large companies to pay their garment workers for labour that went into now cancelled orders in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aiming for structural change should be the priority of anyone who is serious about supporting garment workers. Corporate responsibility is too often glossed over, and as a consumer, it’s your right to demand that companies do their utmost best for the people who manufacture their products.

2. Call It What It Is

Unfortunately, slavery is far from being a thing of the past. Slave labour is often used in the manufacturing of both cheap and expensive goods, and more and more, these companies are trying to muddy the waters for people who wish to inquire about their practices. For many companies, human livelihood takes a backseat to maximizing capital. By calling it what it is, you choose not to diminish the lived experience of disenfranchised garment workers, and to not ignore the fact that slave labour is alive and well, and in fact serves as the backbone for the conglomerate market.

3. Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Donating is one of the most, if not the most effective way to aid garment workers. Fairwear has compiled a list of organizations that are accepting aid and donations here.


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